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See Ya’ Later, Townsville!

Well, that was the most painful experience ever. The last 48 hours have been extremely bittersweet. 
On one hand, I’m genuinely heartbroken to leave YWAM Townsville. Over the last 22 weeks, I’ve not only learned more than I expected and grew more than I could have imagined. I’ve also made relationships that’ll last a lifetime. The last 22 weeks have been absolutely amazing, terrifying, and exciting all at the same time. And nobody will completely understand our adventure unless they lived it. Not even other people who have done a DTS will be able to! The family I found with YWAM Townsville has a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see where everyone ends up and what adventures God gives them! That’s why every goodbye ended with “See you on Facebook!” and “talk to you later!” 

On the other hand, I can’t wait to see what’s next. I can’t wait to see what happens in Cairns over the next week. Then, I can’t wait to get home! I can’t wait to see what’s in store, and I can’t wait to share this amazing adventure with everyone who has supported me throughout this crazy journey!

But I can honestly say, this isn’t the last I’ve seen of Townsville or the YWAM base there. It holds a very near and dear place in my heart, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow and impact the city, the nation, and the world. 

Thank you to everyone who has made my stay there comfortable. You’ve each taught me things you don’t even know you did, and blessed me so much! 



Well, today our seven week outreach phase came to an end. The last seven weeks definitely blew all of my expectations! Seven weeks ago, I thought I would have been in a completely different position. I thought I would be with the Youth Adventures team working in Papua New Guinea. But four weeks ago, I don’t even know how it happened so seamlessly, I ended up flying to Darwin, Australia to join the Reef to Outback team. 
With Reef to Outback, over the last four weeks I was able to work with different aboriginal communities. We went to one community a handful of times during the week and we were involved in the Sunday evening service there. Then on Thursdays we were able to go to a different community and continue building relationships between them and YWAM Darwin. There we would listen to their worship music, share stories, and pray for them and they would pray for us as well. 
During this outreach, I was tested and stretched more than I thought I would be! The team was staying at the YWAM base in Darwin and honestly we had it pretty good even though the rooms were small. We had WIFI, a variety of meals every day for lunch and dinner, air conditioning, a pool, and the lagoon swimming area wasn’t far from us. We had it good. But I still found it extremely challenging at times. I got distracted easily because of the things we were lucky enough to have. So I really had to be intentional about spending time in the word and having my quiet time. 
Also, during this outreach, some things we were planning on doing fell through and couldn’t happen. So the things we were able to do, both the big things and small things were a complete blessing. And I had to really learn to see even the small things as a blessing, if it wasn’t for me, it could have been for a teammate or the community. 
We also got to do street evangilelisim. Which my time in Cairns with Youth Adventures totally got me ready for. Two others on my team and I, decided to use the time to bless the homeless community as well. On two different occasions, we bought some sandwiches and water bottles and handed them out to people. It an amazing thing being able to see someone’s eyes light up not because they are getting food or water, but also because they were being acknowledged by someone. There is still ALOT of tension between white people and the aboriginal communities in Australia, and there is a stigma around them and anyone who is homeless that they aren’t worthy of even being acknowledged or even making eye contact. So it was amazing to bless people with both some lunch and just friendly conversation and some prayer as well. 
We also had an opportunity to go out to the outback, camp for two nights, and help with a family day at a boarding school before the students left for their holiday. That had its ups and downs for sure. On the first day, I hurt my foot. And before realizing how bad it was, I continued to hike on it and now I’m still paying for it a week later. 
But today, our outreach is over and we are back in Townsville. But our outreach ended on a bang! Every Thursday we got to go to a community to meet with Auntie Helen and her husband, Uncle Albert (for elders, in the aboriginal community, they address then as aunties and uncles). And it was usually a short visit, short and sweet. But yesterday, the very last thing we were doing for outreach, Auntie Helen’s family was all there. We got to meet he son, Bill, his wife, and other family. It was such an amazing time! Worship went longer and was so much fun. A few of us got really into the dancing during worship and that broke the ice for the entire time. There was laughter and so much smiling. And after worship, everyone from the community that was there wanted prayer.
Here are our team leaders, Grace and Jason (on the ends), and in the middle is Auntie Helen and Uncle Albert. 

Here is a picture of one of our team leaders, Jason, praying with Uncle Bill. Bill made rounds for sure. 

Selfies were a huge hit with everyone there!

Honestly it was such a blessing for the day to end so well. This community definitely has my heart!

Outreach has absolutely blown my mind and has exceeded any expectations that I had. Now, we only have two weeks left of this adventure! Crazy! The next two weeks, we’ll be with our entire school of 60 people! Many of which we haven’t seen for two and a half months because they were on the medical ship! We’ll be debriefing outreach and telling stories for a week, and then the final week will be “re entry” week. The week will focus on equipping us to go home. To go back to our old environment that probably hasn’t changed much while we have all changed a TON. It’s absolutely crazy to think that I have been out of Minnesota since January! Absolutely crazy. 

After my two weeks in Townsville are over, I’ll be flying up to Cairns to see a family friend and stay with them. I’m also going to try to reconnect with a church we worked with will there during our very first bit of outreach. Then, on July 6th, I’ll be leaving in the morning and getting back to America a few hours before I even left Cairns. Crazy, I’ll gain the day I lost when I came to Australia! 

Thank you for your support! Please continue to pray for me while I’m here! Also pray for an easy transition when I come home!

A Late and Long Update

“Sometimes you’ll have to go back to where God last spoke to you.”


 The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy. We’ve been back on campus in Townsville for three weeks. During those three weeks we’ve had lectures on Missions, Spiritual Warfare, and then specific training about to run and put together programs while on outreach. 


For the most part it’s been great, just like the rest of this amazing and crazy adventure. However, just recently I started having family put on my mind. Through circumstances of other people in my team, and my own. And a few things that God was speaking to me were things about trust, family relationships, and even more trust. 


 For a few weeks now, trusting God has been a real struggle. To be quite honest, I was scared to be vulnerable with him again after Lordship Week. So I didn’t trust him, at least not the way I was trusting him. So when I got a few messages from my mom about some family situations back home; I wanted to leave. I had a good reason to. I knew that YWAM would always be here and I would always be able to come back to complete my DTS. And I started questioning whether or not this DTS was something I needed to finish. Did I need this certificate to take away everything I learned? Technically no, but it would’ve nice to have. Through this, Becky, my one-on-one staff (the person we meet with weekly) talked with me about this for a long time. I talked to Abby, another girl who is here on staff. And then I talked to Rhoda, who simply reminded me that I might have to backtrack and remember what God last told me to do and to think about whether or not I trust God with my family. 


 So, as much as I might want to leave right now, or in the future; I’m not going to. In order to keep going the way that God told me to go, I need to stay and trust that he is working with the spiritual health and the bodies health with people back home in Minnesota. 


 Anywho, I’m about to begin the secong outreach with this amazing group of people. During our week in Cairns, Australia, we all became so close. The group of us really began to feel like a family, and I’m so excited to experience the next stretch with them! Although I don’t feel very excited at all right now because of circumstances back home, I know it will be an amazing growing experience. 


 This next outreach is seven weeks, and honestly the Youth Adventures team is super spoiled with locations.  


 For the first 2 weeks, our team will be going to Palm Island! While we are there we will be working with the churches there, possibly some home churches, and continuing to build on the relationships that YWAM has began to develop with people there through youth mission trips they take there. 


 Then for the following week, we will be back in Townsville and staying on base (other outreaches will not be back on base until the seven weeks is over). While on base, we will be spending the school days at a Christian school here in Townsville where we’ve been told we’ll have a lot of opportunity to speak into kids about their identity and value. 


 Then for the final 4 weeks of outreach, we will be flying to Papua New Guinea! We aren’t entirely sure what it will look like there for us yet, but we are suspecting a lot of school and church work. 


 On a completely unrelated note. Besides the emotional stress about stuff going on back home;  I have Strep Throat! After being on Penicillin for a few days, I went back to the clinic and after a long wait in the waiting room I got out on Amoxicillin for five days. 

Prayer points:

  • Good Health both here and at home. 
  • Clarity and peace of mind. 
  • An easy time with these antibiotics. 
  • And excitement for this outreach. 

Day 1 in Australia

First of all, the trip of actually getting here was crazy. It had its ups and downs; but it turns out that if you bring the flight attendants candy and give it to them as you get on, they’ll give you almost anything and give you the special treatment. It works great and honestly all of the flights were way more enjoyable.

Our first flight was from Colorado to LA. That flight was fine, nothing really extraordinary happened during that flight. It was extremely short, and we landed early enough to have plenty of time to make it across LAX from the Domestic part to the International part.
During that flight, we actually saw a girl from our DTS but weren’t sure if it was her until we finally made it past customs in Brisbane.
We met up with her during baggage claim, and we found out we were on the same flight to Townsville as she was. The only problem was that the line for security to get out of the International part of the airport was long, the bus ride to the Domestic part was long, and the line for baggage drop off and security was even longer. And we only had 30 minutes roughly to get to our last flight. Luckily we found a flight attendant who was able to rush us through the baggage drop off and brought us to the front of security. Then from there we had to figure out where our gate was since it didn’t have it on our boarding pass. When we finally found out, we had to sprint across the whole airport basically until we got to our flight and made it just in time before the last call.

That flight ended up being one of the best to be honest. We had a great time being able to sit next to each other and get to know each other since it wasn’t crowded on the plane at all. We met up with some of the staff right after we got off, and a handful of others in our DTS. Then from there we loaded up and left for our base, as well as seeing the beach that is only a 15 minute walk from our base.

Now, tomorrow we start our first official day of the course. So much has already happened, and so much more is to come! I can’t wait!

My First Test

I know I said I probably wouldn’t update that often, but my next update will cover a few days and it will be hard enough to fit everything into it!
Alright, so I should start by saying that I am so appreciative of Zandreya and her family! They’ve been extremely welcoming, and it has been a blast getting to know all of them and Zandreya before we start our YWAM adventure!
But like many people in our DTS has posted on Facebook about; the Devil is coming for us because we are about to do great things in Australia and grow in ways we won’t expect. Multiple people from the DTS have posted about something going off track. Whether it’s health, finances, Visa problems, and that sort of thing.
Well for me, it seems that I got stuck with Altitude Sickness (or Mountain Sickness). Since Colorado is so much higher than Minnesota;

So, it’s not hard to see why I would get sick. Headache, shortness of breath, nusea, and extreme fatigue. Usually, I’ll be honest, when I get sick, I get crabby. Extremely crabby. And I easily could have woken up and decided I was going to be in a bad mood.
But there’s no reason for me to do that. There is so much ahead of me, and knowing that I would have made my short time in Colorado somewhat miserable; I decided to make the most of it and look forward to what God has in store for me.

A Long First Day 

Even though it was one of the shorter flights from Minnesota to Colorado that I’ll be taking during my adventure, it turned into one of the worst ones. Everything was on schedule until we arrived to Colorado; my flight was put into a 30 minute hold due to poor visibility in Denver. Or in the pilots words; The bad news is that we were put into a 30 minute hold, but hopefully it doesn’t last long. The good news, we have enough fuel for it. If it goes longer than 30 minutes, we’ll have to find another place to land. 
So on a already cramped small plane, there was a huge aggravated sigh from everyone before we all went back to what we were doing. At least the view is good, right?

Besides that, it was fabulous. It’s extremely comforting to know that I won’t be going into this adventure without knowing someone. So being in Denver and getting to know Zandreya before we head off to Australia is great. The day was mainly just time to get to know each other; discussing our favorite biblical topics, what we are most excited to learn about while in the midst of our YWAM adventure. More is only to come tomorrow!
Chances are, updates will be weekly and when I can too! This will probably be my last one until I leave Denver for Australia!

Thank You!

     It’s crazy to think that in 12 days I will be starting a new adventure in another country. A few months ago, even though I knew I was going, it didn’t really seem real. Now that it’s so close, I couldn’t be more excited and nervous at the same time. I’m also extremely grateful. 

    The support I’ve received from countless people is insane. Without it, I don’t think I would leaving on the 24th! Or I wouldn’t be as prepared as I am. 

    I can’t really say thank you enough to the people that have helped me through…

  • Prayer
  • Financial Support
  • And simply believing in me

    None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the prayer that I’ve received. I would be a nervous wreck about leaving so much so I wouldn’t really be excited. So thank you! 

    Those of you who helped me with finances, thank you! I was able to finish paying for my entire YWAM DTS before the end of the second week of January, leaving me plenty of time to use my paychecks for things I need to get before I go! 

    A few years ago, YWAM wasn’t really a possibility for me. I wasn’t mentally or spiritually in a place that YWAM seemed like a feasible option for me. If it wasn’t for the people that I’ve surrounded myself with, I don’t think I would be getting ready to go on this adventure of a lifetime.