So This is Happening…

First let’s backtrack a few months. At the beginning of my DTS, I didn’t feel quite right about which outreach team I was supposed to be on. I had applied with Reef to Outback as my choice, but I didn’t really feel like it was entirely right. I could see myself on the team, but I didn’t feel peaceful about it. Youth Adventures was my other option, I felt excited about that one and I felt like it would be a good fit for me. But I still wasn’t 100% sure about it. However after a few things came up, it was obvious that Youth Adventures was the right choice. 
And I grew so much already with Youth Adventures. I’ve been out of my comfort zone more than I would’ve liked already. For example on Mothers Day because of how things played out at the church we were at on Palm Island, I talked about Gods Faithfulness. On the spot. With very little preparation. And now this week, we are teaching students about our Identity in Christ at a school here in Townsville. So just know that what has happened has nothing to do with YWAM or the Youth Adventures team
For those that don’t know, the week before we left for Palm Island, everything seemed to go wrong for me. At the beginning of the week there was a family situation, then the next day there was a bigger situation with my family that came up and to be honest I was contemplating going home at that point. Then on Wednesday, I went to the medical clinic to get checked for Strep Throat when my throats started to not feel so hot. Luckily, I get step quite a bit, so I was pretty sure that was what I had. 
But I waited a few hours at the clinic to have the doctor look at my throats and say “Yup. It’s strep.” and give me Penicillin even though I told him repeatedly since I left in a few days, I would have liked to be on Amoxicillin (Amoxy) because I know for a fact I’ve never EVER had a negative side affect with it. But he didn’t listen to me. So I took Penicillin and honestly, everything went from bad to worse. I was having constant headaches, nausea, dizzy almost all the time, I was short of breath for a lot of the days and nights; and because of all that, I had a few big panic attacks because 1.) I was leaving on Saturday for Palm Island and 2.) I knew it was the Penicillin and I just couldn’t get a step ahead. 

Then came Friday, the first day I was able to make myself go to lectures while feeling like I was hit by a bus. So while I was sitting in there, feeling awful, I found out that the where the Youth Adventures team would be staying in PNG would have a higher risk of being exposed to Tuberculosis (TB). And because of that, I had to consider my options. 

  • Go to PNG and risk being exposed to that and not being able to go back to work in the states as soon because of the environment and clients I work with. 
  • Do an alternative Outreach, even switch teams. 
  • Or go home early. 

So after talking to my team leaders (shoutout to Lloyd and Becky who proved just how patient they both are), it was decided that I would do the two week outreach on Palm Island, and the one week in Townsville. Then for the final four weeks (when Youth Adventures would be going to PNG), I would be flying to Darwin, Australia to join Reef to Outback. 
After talking to a handful of people back home about this, it just felt right. A few people pointed out that all these things had been adding up the week before outreach, it hasn’t really been on my heart to go to PNG, and the fact I was originally on Reef to Outback. Once the choice was made and it was all said and done, I felt so peaceful about it. Of course I’m going to miss my amazing Youth Adventures family. But there was a reason I was so torn between the two outreach options at the beginning of the DTS. God has something in store for me and I can’t wait to see what it is! 
So this is happening! This Sunday, I’ll be leaving Townsville and going to Darwin for the next four weeks. 
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me this far! It’s been a whirlwind for people here and back home! Here are some prayer points!

  • Safe travels for me when I leave for Darwin and my Youth Adventures Family as they go off to PNG! 
  • To be giving out of an abundance! Not getting burnt out! 
  • Finances to continue to work out! Due to my flights already being booked and locked in for going to and from PNG, I had to pay for my flights to and from Darwin; it’s really put a kink in finances for my flight home for July 6th.

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