“By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their host.” Psalm 33:6

      Can we just take a moment to think about how massive God is and how enormous his entire creation is!? To help you with that, take a look at this video! It really puts things into perspective! It’s extremely long, but it is definitely worth it. 
(1) How GREAT is our God?

       Now, anyway, onto this week; I didn’t really connect much to the topic until today (Friday). We had an hour and half or so of just reconnecting time. We watched the video, and we were all completely blown away by it. Then after the video, we had a worship session that was probably the best we’ve had for awhile. 
      Multiple times I’ve had the realization that we are tiny, we are microscopic compared to the giant creation that we live in. But it really sank in today. 
      For the past week and a half roughly, I’ve honestly have had a hard time hearing Gods voice. A handful of people I have talked to have. After having so much growth in such a short amount of time, I was in a place of expecting to hear something huge again. I was honestly getting really frustrated too; so today was a huge spiritual breakthrough for me. I finally was able to hear what I’ve needed to after everything else that I’ve learned the past few weeks. 

Rest and trust me. 

      So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to trust that he’s going to lead me where I need to go and just relax; and not stress out about it anymore.


It’s been Crazy!

For starters, it’s been crazy so far. It’s been eye opening since I got here and so many great relationships have been developed already. There’s already been a ton of growth, and it’s just been crazy.

So firstly, last week I was extremely torn between which outreach team to be a part of. When I first applied, Reef to Outback (fun fact, YWAM TOWNSVILLE was originally called Reef to Outback because Loren Cunningham suggested that would be a fantastic focus for the school) had been my original choice. But it was partly because I didn’t know about Youth Adventures. So all of last week until today, I was going back and forth between the two Outreaches/streams. Then this morning I asked the leader for RTO for a bit more information on that stream to help me choose between the two.
Then after learning more about it, it sounded like the perfect fit. So I decided that would probably be the best choice. And I thought that would be my choice.

But then before the group meetings started, the outreach leader for Youth Adventures asked where I was with the choice and said if I wanted to join the group meeting to learn a bit more about it, I could. So right away, I was back to phase one– I had no idea which outreach I should do. So I went to the meeting and immediately knew Youth Adventures was the one I needed to be in. So after going back and fourth on the streams, I’m positive that Youth Adventures is the one I need to be in. So that was a long process.

For lectures over the past week have been extremely beneficial. Half of last week was orientation, and then Thursday and Friday were Hearing Gods Voice. Friday I got a few confirmations from people that correlated perfectly with my prayers. Then Saturday however was completely different. It was obvious spiritual warfare, I know that now and I knew it at the time too. I was angry and frustrated with not having made up my mind about outreach. Then I felt incredibaly isolated, most of the time I put myself in isolation too. Someone would ask me to join them and I’d say no, and then I’d feel even more angry.

Then Sunday, I decided to read the Bible from cover to cover. Then Monday, I finished Genesis and started Exodus; Monday evening for awhile it looked like it was going to rain and we were all hoping it would. But before it did, a rainbow came out above the campus. Right away I remembered the promise God made to Noah;

Genesis 9:16 “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant of every kind on earth.”

Then as soon as I made the connection and got a picture, the rainbow was gone. Then during worship on Monday night, I kept getting the word abundance and love. But I didn’t want to share it, I wasn’t sure if it was personally for me or for someone else. So I asked God to send someone over and pray for me and if that happened, I would share it. Sure enough, someone from my DTS came over and said that I had been on her heart for a few days. So that was just one more confirmation that I was A.) in Townsville because I was meant to be, and B.) was supposed to share the word I had received.

Then the lectures for this week is on Identity, and right away our speaker started it off with a bang and had everyone crying on a Monday morning. I’m not sure what other people were thinking about it, but I was personally just extremely overwhelmed. For the reason that God has so much love for each of us and we don’t deserve any of it.

Every year in Sunday school when we’d learn about how the people chose Barabbus, I would just feel sick. How could those people choose Barabbus? He was horrible. He should have been the one to be crucified.

(1)”Jesus Loves Barabbas Too” just like how he loves us. And that just blows my mind. I had never thought of it like that; we are Barabbas. We aren’t above Barabbas, we sin just as he did. And we are ungreatful for Jesus taking our rightful place on the cross too sometimes– we just walk away and are glad we don’t have to deal with it any more. So that was one giant, game-changing take away. The second ties in with it.

(2) “God is Love“, and that’s one thing I forget all the time. Yeah, sure I know God loves me, but just how much? The song “When Love Sees You” is just another thing that made everyone cry in the first lecture of the week. He loves each of us that he would send Jesus to go through (3) “THIS” and would go through it again and again for each of us. And that is just mind boggling.

Any of the links in here I highly recommend you look it.
1.) It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a spoken word.
2.) Just the song a referenced, it’s beautiful and I just love it a lot.
3.) This is the “physicians view of the Crucifixion of Jesus” and explains his last moments right before and during the crucifixion with medical terms and ends with “Lord died, not the usual crucifixion death by suffocation, but of heart failure due to shock and constriction of the heart by fluid in the pericardium.” Meaning he basically died of a broken heart. 

Over all, so far this whole YWAM adventure has turned out to be much better than I expected. Sorry if this update was just all over the place!