A Long First Day 

Even though it was one of the shorter flights from Minnesota to Colorado that I’ll be taking during my adventure, it turned into one of the worst ones. Everything was on schedule until we arrived to Colorado; my flight was put into a 30 minute hold due to poor visibility in Denver. Or in the pilots words; The bad news is that we were put into a 30 minute hold, but hopefully it doesn’t last long. The good news, we have enough fuel for it. If it goes longer than 30 minutes, we’ll have to find another place to land. 
So on a already cramped small plane, there was a huge aggravated sigh from everyone before we all went back to what we were doing. At least the view is good, right?

Besides that, it was fabulous. It’s extremely comforting to know that I won’t be going into this adventure without knowing someone. So being in Denver and getting to know Zandreya before we head off to Australia is great. The day was mainly just time to get to know each other; discussing our favorite biblical topics, what we are most excited to learn about while in the midst of our YWAM adventure. More is only to come tomorrow!
Chances are, updates will be weekly and when I can too! This will probably be my last one until I leave Denver for Australia!


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