Thank You!

     It’s crazy to think that in 12 days I will be starting a new adventure in another country. A few months ago, even though I knew I was going, it didn’t really seem real. Now that it’s so close, I couldn’t be more excited and nervous at the same time. I’m also extremely grateful. 

    The support I’ve received from countless people is insane. Without it, I don’t think I would leaving on the 24th! Or I wouldn’t be as prepared as I am. 

    I can’t really say thank you enough to the people that have helped me through…

  • Prayer
  • Financial Support
  • And simply believing in me

    None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the prayer that I’ve received. I would be a nervous wreck about leaving so much so I wouldn’t really be excited. So thank you! 

    Those of you who helped me with finances, thank you! I was able to finish paying for my entire YWAM DTS before the end of the second week of January, leaving me plenty of time to use my paychecks for things I need to get before I go! 

    A few years ago, YWAM wasn’t really a possibility for me. I wasn’t mentally or spiritually in a place that YWAM seemed like a feasible option for me. If it wasn’t for the people that I’ve surrounded myself with, I don’t think I would be getting ready to go on this adventure of a lifetime. 


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