Pre-YWAM Adventure

Ever since middle school, I played with the idea of going into ministry. From my own experience, youth group had been a breath of fresh air. A place that I could go and be myself 100% of the time without even thinking twice about it! For years now, I’ve heard stories from different youth that have been in my life that their youth group has been such a safe and fun place for them.

Prior to even applying for YWAM, while I was looking for a school to apply to, I got the opportunity to work with the Rejoice! Youth Group in Dundas, Minnesota. It was an amazing learning experience, and a wonderful opportunity to see what goes on “behind the scenes” to those life changing activities that are held for the youth. It gave me a new perspective. At first, I had only wanted to go into ministry because of the fun, exciting, and moving things that I had experienced. But working with the youth group made me even more excited to be able to work with other adults who have the same dream; helping youth of all ages experience a relationship with the Lord. No matter how sticky and messy it can get. 

Live today for eternity

Ministry isn’t always easy. It’s messy sometimes, draining, and emotionally demanding; but it’s rewarding. Doing so much today can make a huge impact on the future for others around us. And that is what I’m excited about. 

While also working with the youth group, I got the chance to complete a online course for youth work. Youth Sphere was and is an amazing resource I still look to when I need a bit of help. It gave me tools that I’ve been able to put to use within the Rejoice! Youth Group, and I’m so excited to use them and my experience with Rejoice! in YWAM!